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Phil Woods is my hero. He is a masterful saxophonist, composer, arranger,
raconteur, and friend. I have contributed over 20 transcribed solos to his site.

Alex Terrier is a great alto and tenor player who also is a great teacher. Check out
his website for a number of videos including some that analyze some great solos by
Cannonball, Hank Mobley, etc. Alex Terrier's Jazz Video lessons

The Jazzschool (http://www.jazzschool.com/)

Leanne Weatherly (http://leanneweatherly.com/)

Dave Le Febvre (http://www.jazzwest.com/DaveLeFebvre/index.htm)

Greg Fishman (https://www.gregfishmanjazzstudios.com): Greg is an excellent
player and educator. Lots of great material on his site including etude books, duets,
ear-training, etc. He also offers Skype lessons.

Bill Plake (http://billplakemusic.org/) is a saxophonist and certified Alexander
Technique instructor. He offers lessons in improvisation as well as the Alexander
Technique. Additionally he has a number of ebooks available at his site.

Tim Price (http://www.timpricejazz.com/)

David Berkman (Author of "The Jazz Musician's Guide to Creative Practicing")

Doug Ramsey's Jazz Blog (http://www.artsjournal.com/rifftides/)

Casa Valdez Jazz Blog (http://davidvaldez.blogspot.com/)

Jazz Wax Jazz Blog (http://www.jazzwax.com./)

All About Jazz (http://www.allaboutjazz.com/)

Bob Keller's Jazz Page (http://www.cs.hmc.edu/~keller/jazz.html)

Matt Otto (http://www.mattotto.org/)

Charles McNeal (http://charlesmcneal.com/)

Steve Neff (http://www.neffmusic.com/)

Saxsolos.com: (http://www.saxsolos.com/)

EJMA: (http://chnani.perso.neuf.fr/ejma/updates.html)

Kelly Bucheger's Harder Bop: (http://harderbop.blogspot.com/)



http://www.jazzbeat.org: Free venue for promoting jazz books, jazz education
material, jazz lessons, jazz CDs, DVDs, jazz gifts, and jazz merchandise, and music

Atlanta saxophone player, Randy Hunter (http://www.randyhunterjazz.com/)

http://www.beginningsax.com/ : Online saxophone lessons for beginners. Learn
how to play the saxophone with a jazz approach. Free introductory sax lessons.

http://www.jazzcorner.com/ : The largest portal for the official websites of
hundreds of jazz musicians and organizations.






Photography by Delgado (http://www.godelgado.com/)